I am Joseph, preferably Joe, and I code things and host services.

Based in the West Midlands in the UK, I take pride in writing code and also hosting services for people. I am familiar with a wide variety of programming languages (shown below), and host a multitude of services, serving over 10 million HTTP requests a month (summing over 900GB of total data monthly).

As of now, I am employed as a full stack Software Engineer at a financial institution. As a hobby, I am a maintainer of several projects on GitHub, most notably, ParadiseSS13/Paradise, where I am currently a project maintainer, as well as their Server Host / Infrastructure Manager.



I often use C#, specifically the ASP.NET framework for making web applications, and I am quite familiar with it, as well a lot of its popular packages (EntityFramework for example). This site for example is made in the framework, however I have developed more complex things, including a fully PCI-DSS SAQ-A compliant payments system.

Microsoft SQL Stack

Over time I have become very familiar with the Microsoft SQL stack, mainly TSQL itself and SSRS for creating reports.

My experience with TSQL spans from both normal queries (including handling multiple joins), as well as more complex entries such as using TVPs on stored procedures to speed up mass inserts and updates from other services

SSRS experience stems from needing to develop reports on software for business executives to gain an overview on use of software and view metrics to see how close we are to meeting our OKRs. These prove very insightful and helpful as I can use SSRS to aggregate data from a database and put it into a form anyone in the business can understand.

Microsoft Azure

My current employer makes use of Microsoft Azure extensively, running everything in the cloud with nothing on premises to make multiple-site management easier. This has allowed me to become very familiar with both IaaS offerings (virtual machines and virtual networks) as well as modern PaaS and SaaS systems (Azure functions, Azure app services, Azure SQL, ADF, Logic apps, Azure Application insights, AAD/Entra and more).

Fun fact - This site is hosted on Azure App Services.


I have groown quite familiar with Java due to it being very similar in syntax to C#. I often use Java for making chat bots, as well as for game plugins. As part of learning Java, I also made myself quite acquainted with the maven build engine / package manager, and am capable of writing complex build workflows, as well as hosting my own private maven repository to make using custom libraries in other programs easier.


Python was the first language I learned and I am still quite familiar with it. I primarily use it for scripting things, or for quickly iterating code due to it being interpreted. I often write programs in Python first, before moving them to other languages when I need executables to run as services properly.

Frontend Web Stack (HTML + CSS + JS)

I am familiar enough with the basic web stack to make static pages (as seen here), as well as usage of common libraries such as LeafletJS, Bootstrap CSS, and InernoJS (A react-like library for making pages, which I use as an interface framework for other projects)


While not strictly a programming language, I am very familiar with MySQL syntax, including complex statements with multi table joins and groupings. This is important for languages where there are not libraries such as EntityFramework (C#) or JOOQ (Java), and for quick data lookups for debugging.

Scripting (Bash CLI)

While also not strictly a programming language, I still find having familiarity with bash is highly useful, for automation scripting and creating scripts to run on CRON, as well as for CI routines.


DM (Short for Dream Maker) is a very old language for creating games, but has a lot of powerful features. Most of my hobbyist work is in this language (see projects on the right)

You can learn more at https://www.byond.com/docs/ref/index.html#/DM.